Banana Pancakes With Different Toppings


These pancakes are just the bananas. No, we mean they are literally made from  the bananas and eggs. Eggs and bananas, and that’s just it.These two ingredients, being whisked together and given a little skillet love, are truly something magical.

These two-ingredient banana pancakes have been just  around the social media for several years now, first on fitness sites and then on parenting sites . 

These pancakes are gluten-free and also dairy-free — they really are made with just bananas and eggs, ie no tricks. It seems like you’d just end up with scrambled banana-eggs but the final product  definitely resembles a pancake. Piping hot and golden brown, with crispy edges.

Do They Really Taste Like Pancakes?

These are the pancakes in the sense that they’re cooked on a pan and are drenched with  the chocolate syrup or peanut butter , but they are definitely a replacement for your favorite Saturday morning recipe. They are best described as being like “the middle of a piece of French toast,” and I will second that description. They are much like custard with a soft, yielding texture and a creamy melt-in-your-mouth quality. I would also describe them as being like thick crêpes.

They also definitely taste like just the  bananas, so if you’re not a fan of that flavor, this recipe won’t be for you. There are also so many  ways to dress them up if you’re willing to add a few more ingredients. A pinch of baking powder will make them so much fluffier, and a bit of vanilla or honey helps round out the flavor.



All Purpose Flour

Baking  Powder


Vanilla Essence



Step 1:Blend the mixture  of banana,milk,egg

Step 2:Add butter,purpose flour and the banana mixture.

Step 3:Grease the pan with butter and then the pancakes are ready.

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