Bread Pizza Recipe

Indian’s love  making bread pizza. We have two options for you, bread pizza in an oven or bread pizza in a simple plan.

Are you looking for a super quick and easy snack recipe? We have that sorted for you , as we have one of the quickest pizza which is bread pizza. It is just a quick alternative to the veg pizza. Bread pizza consists of the whole wheat bread, pizza sauce and cheese.

Bread pizza is one of the quickest and easiest recipes to make at home using the bread, cheese and the veggies for dinner or the afternoon snack. It’s the most innovative version of the traditional pizza as it has a similar look and same toppings but has a different pizza base. In this pizza, the bread slice is used as the pizza base and hence there is no need to make the pizza dough and wait until it rises like the traditional one.

If you have a simple plain bread slice, pizza sauce (or tomato ketchup), and your choice of the toppings and cheese then it hardly takes 15-20 minutes to satisfy your pizza cravings. Follow the below-given recipe with step by step photos to make this delicious snack for your kids birthday party or for an evening snack.

The unique thing about the Indian style bread pizza is the ideal pizza base which is replaced with bread. It is the best alternate for someone craving for pizza at an odd hour.






Step 1:Beat egg,capsicum,salt and oregano well.

Step 2:Pour the bread into the mixture.

Step:Grease the pan and dip the bread in the egg mixture.

Steo 4:Fry the bread,add grated cheese



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