Dalgona Coffee Recipe|TikTok Special Coffee

Have you also been witnessing a sudden interest in the age-old ‘fenti hui coffee’? If yes, then you also must be wondering what is this Dalgona Coffee and why there is a sudden urge to drink it? Recently it went viral on  social media portals during quarantine Dalgona Coffee is nothing but your old beaten Indian coffee with a slight twist! The only difference observed that the beaten coffee is made with hot milk while Dalgona Milk is made with cold or chilled milk.

If you are wondering it’s difficult to make, then fret not! All you need is the equal amount of coffee, sugar and water and beat them well. Add it to chilled milk and pour whipped cream over it and you are good to go. Here is an easy way to make this amazing coffee recipe at home. Do try it and show us some love through your comments.

When you go for a recipe that looks this good and find it contains just three ingredients – all of which you probably have in the cupboard – you feel like you’ve won the jackpot, right?

 If you mix just two tablespoons of each ingredient and then start whipping it, eventually the dark watery paste turns into a thick whipped cream-esq mixture, which you can add to cold or hot milk according to your taste for an iced coffee or latte-style treat.




Hot Water


Step 1:Take coffee and mix it will  with sugar,then add water into the mixture.

Step 2- Beat coffee mixture using whisker or hand blender

Now, using aa whisker or hand blender, blend the coffee mixture until it is light, frothy and creamy. This might take a good amount of time.


Steo3:Take a cup of chilled milk,add the creamy mixture into it,sprinkle some almond and melted chocolate in it.

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