How To Make Chicken Afghani

Afghani cuisine is known for its very mild spicy and lip-smacking flavours. It is Made with the goodness of a cream, whisked eggs and lime juice, Afghani Chicken recipe tastes the  best when served with some spicy chutney. If you are expecting some guests at home or you want to celebrate any special occasion such as the kitty parties, potluck, buffet or anniversaries, then this dish will do wonders. What’s more, if you also  want to make it a bit more delicious as well creamy add some fresh cream and we also bet your friends and family will love this dish. Unlike the  other Mughlai dishes, this one is very slightly mild spicy, but you can garnish this dish with grated ginger, chopped green chillies and coriander leaves.

Known for the lip-smacking and flavourful dishes, Afghani cuisine always has us wanting for more. This recipe of Afghani chicken is  just no different. Chicken which is glazed with the distinctive ingredients and grilled. Cooked in about 30 minutes, this chicken recipe is just a  great option to have as a starter or appetizer at a dinner party or any special occasion.

Ingredients in Chicken Afghani Recipe: Goodness of the cream mixed with curd and melon seeds along with pepper-infused in chicken and grilled to perfection.

This chicken recipe is mildly spicy and best enjoyed with some mint chutney and onion rings on the side with coriander leaves and lemon squeezed over generously.






Black Pepper

Garam Masala

Kasturi Methi

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