How To Make Oats Chilla

Oats Chilla is a very healthy and tasty option for people who have strict regimen. This indian pancake recipe is prepared with quick rolled oats and spices. It is a healthy concoction compared to the oats overnight recipe or perhaps consuming just the handful of oats with milk and fruits. the recipe is an extension to the traditional besan ka cheela recipe.

Indian cuisine has many variation and styles of the pancake recipe which mainly differs with the type of their ingredients. Within the south indian cuisine, it is also termed as dosa or uttapam, whereas in north indian cuisine it is termed as cheela recipes. Oats chilla recipe is one fusion recipe, made with the rolled oats.

Cheela recipes have always been a very traditional recipe and is typically prepared with besan or chickpea flour. but lately, there has been many variants of these cheela recipes prepared with many other alternative ingredients. one such hugely popular, particularly in indian cosmopolitan cities is oats chilla recipe. It has become popular because of the usage of oats and its health aspects, yet offers the taste in a conventional way. having said that, i personally like this pancake recipe compared to overnight oats or the combination of oats and milk for my breakfast. i do not prefer to have a cold or sweet breakfast and hence the oats cheela is an recommended alternative.



Carrot-Finely Chopped


Onion-Finely Chopped

Step 1:Blend oats in a mixer.

Step2: Take all the ingredients like oniom,carrot,rice flour and curd and mix oats in it.

Step3:Cook in on low to medium flame.





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