If work is keeping you occupied but still you want to add something super healthy in your breakfast then this smoothie is suited for you! This simple smoothie is prepared using papaya, full fat milk, oats, banana ,honey and chea seeds for extra flavour and taste.This is just 10 minutes recipe and is is loaded with nutrition It will keep you full for a long duration and is a good choice during summers, as many people opt for light and liquid diet.

Papaya and oats.

Papaya is a delicious fruit. The other is a fiber-rich food that is a pantry staple. Do you know that these two simple ingredients, when amalgamated, can create a powerful anti-bloat smoothie that soothes your  digestion while also toning your belly and body? Yes, you read that right.

Starting the day  with a big glass of smoothie which is  both light on your stomach and yet a filling meal in itself. To reduce weight ,you should have it two times a day but having a smoothie  which made with these ingredients will be just perfect to give your tummy a refreshing escape .

Detoxing is a very essential part of maintaining a healthy body, and an easy road to weight loss. Otherwise, toxins can  build up and could lead to poor digestive health. It could also cause several problems like stomach pains, abdominal cramps, chronic fatigue, constipation and so on that slows down the digestive system itself.

Ingredients :






Honey : Optional


Step 1:Pour Papaya,Banana ,Milk, Curd,Honey into a mixer grinder and blend it well.

Step 2:Check the consistency according to your taste,if you want to make it more healthy you can add chia seeds after putting them in the water for about 15 mins.

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